I am required to tell you how likely it is that you will be as successful as some of the case studies and testimonials that you see here. That's difficult to answer but I can tell you that these individuals did not act in an 'average' way. They opened the product(s), committed to the systems, possibly invested in coaching or mentoring and made it work. The vast majority simply do not implement anything and therefore have zero results. Neither myself or any of my companies that I am affiliated with make any guarantees about the type of income you will make or your results but one question you may want to ask yourself is - are you average?

How To Buy Pre-Foreclosure Properties
With Only A $10 Deposit Do a Short Sale With Them
And Turn Them Into BIG CHECKS!!!

- And Have Everyone Love You For It In The Process!

Invest in Real Estate Invest in Real Estate

This is a step-by-step proven program that shows beginners and old school veterans the easiest way to make money in a market like this while taking the least amount of risk.  And you can do it too listen close.

This Works Even If:

  • You don't have extra cash laying around
  • You don't know a whole lot about real estate (this actually works to your advantage)
  • Your credit is lousy to say the least


David 'The Diamond' Oswald

From the Desk of David Oswald

Real Estate Investor, Mentor and Public Speaker'
Short Sale Expert


Dear Friend and Future Business Partner:

This is not your average, ordinary system.  But I'm sure you've heard that before, right?  You may be familiar with the word, 'short sale' already because it just happens to be one of the hottest aspects of the entire real estate market right now.  However, I was making money with short sales even before it was such a hot topic of discussion. 

In fact, I remember speaking in front of rooms full of people who had never even heard of the word, 'short sale.'  But now that has all changed.  Everybody knows what a short sale is, but not everyone knows how to profit from them.  That's where I come in!

Let Me Ask You a Question:

If You Knew FOR SURE That '
You Could Succeed With My Easy to Learn'
System, Would You Try It?

If you answered 'Yes', this may be the most important letter you've ever read. Here's why:

Because I will show you how you can't fail and you'll agree with me when I'm done.  Fair enough? 
Keep reading -

I've taught dozens of students how to do the same thing and I'll show you how you can learn it starting TODAY.  That's right, TODAY.  NOW.  Comprende?  By the way, I've gotten numerous emails and testimonials from all over the country from students who were just like you at one time and some of them I will show you in just a minute

Now I'm going to show you my system and let you take the next step. -

But Maybe You Had the Following Thoughts:

*         'But I only know a little bit about real estate...'

*         'I don't have the ability to buy a house, I'm broke'

*         'Somebody told me this was hard to do or involved risk'

*         'Don't I need to go out and become a real estate agent?'

I get it, believe me, when I first started I was thinking those same thoughts.  But don't get too excited because I'm going to show you how I overcame those fears.  See, my program works for a wide range of individuals:

*         For brand new investors (and seasoned pros)

*         Does not need your own funds (a $10 deposit is all you need)

*         Greatly limits your risk

*         Does not mean that you'll have to get a real estate agent's license

*         If done right, can create hours of free time (more on that later)

But hey, if you don't believe me, believe my students!

You'll be able to do it too...

"The marketing program is one of the best I have seen. When they say you get 5% , you better believe them! Having had over 2 years experience in direct mail in my business, I would have been thrilled with 2% response, but the way they do the marketing is incredible and alone worth the consulting fee."
  Josh J., Ocean County, NJ

Think You Can Do This?  I Think You Can!

Here's the Inside Scoop:

Follow Closely -

My System Just Happens to Focus on the Hottest and Easiest Part of the Real Estate Market to Get Involved in.
The World of SHORT SALES

By coming to the rescue and controlling these properties, you can get incredible discounts from the banks and then go out and sell the properties at a number closer to market value or maybe even do a quick wholesale (flip) deal at a discount.  The profits are real and happening right now.  Let me further explain.

As I said before, you can do this business without having money out of your pocket to close on these properties - all you need to be able to do is get the word out that you have a property at a MASSIVE DISCOUNT that you want to get sold. Watch as the buyers come out of the woodwork when you bring a REAL deal, not some overpriced house that won't sell.  If you bring it, they will come.  Didn't they say something like that in a movie? (Never mind me)

'My name is Pharoah Jefferson and I recently got involved with David Oswald's  program.  I knew that real estate investing was something that I wanted to be involved in but didn't have a proven system that would produce results. I can attest that David's marketing strategies do work when it comes to real estate investing. By the 5th day of working David's techniques, my phone was consistently ringing with motivated sellers. I would recommend to anyone who would like to get involved with real estate investing to utilize his system to guide you through the early day to day functions.'
  Pharoah J - New Jersey

If that's not enough, how about another?

'Having had minimal experience prior to using this system with David Oswald, I have grown tremendously in confidence...With David's program this has been made possible for me. His techniques are simple, easy and unique! Also, using his mailing system I have received an overwhelming response of callers who are ready and willing to do business with me.'
Thanks David!
  Sarah K - Massachusetts

By the Way, The Homeowner's Love You, Too!

You want to talk about doing a service for someone, well get this.  I want to make sure you really get this - you're coming to the homeowner's rescue when you do this... They're selling to you an overleveraged headache of a house and you're keeping the bank from foreclosing on them and selling the house at a public auction, and you're saving their credit!

You'll have homeowners thanking you as you make your profit from the property... It's truly a win-win situation, and a business you can be proud of.

Here's how it works:

This First Part: Find Sellers

With my program you will be able to find sellers quickly and easily, and you don't need any experience in real estate. There are plenty of homeowners who will sell to you if you know how and where to look for them.  I'll show you the best way to find homeowners who are anxious to sell their houses in a heartbeat.

Step Two:  Get the Bank to Take a Short Sale

In my system, you will learn how to get the bank to take a short sale or better yet, you can actually outsource this part to someone else to do the work!  My system explains this in better detail.

Step Three: Find the End Buyer

In my program, you will also learn where to find investors, and how to have them lined up and ready to purchase as many pre-foreclosure and short sale houses as you can possibly bring their way!

You will be amazed at how quickly you can turn a profit. You can make fantastic money for yourself while helping people escape the predicament of bank foreclosures!

Step Four: You Are In and Out With No Money Out of Your Pocket!

I don't hold anything back.  There is no need to. I couldn't get to all the deals that are out there even if I tried.  My home study course will teach you everything you need to know to start right away . Once you know the simple methods, you really can hold a real estate contract with just a $10 deposit and sell it to someone else at a higher price without using your own money.

Step Five: Send Me a Picture of You Holding a Check!

I challenge you to try it for yourself - You'll learn what my current students already know: That it's easier than you thought, and it really does work!


This Is Done Everyday

Believe me guys and girls, I'm no rocket scientist.  If I can do it, you can also.  But don't forget, it isn't just me that's doing it.  It's all of my students, some of whom you've heard from in the testimonials.  It's others throughout the country who are having success in short sales.  NOW IS THE TIME.  DO IT NOW. 

If this is a new subject for you, it may seem a bit overwhelming - That's normal, all of my successful students felt that way starting out.  But you must understand, hundreds of transactions like this are taking place right in your own backyard.

With the hands-on help you'll receive in my course, including:

*         Ways to market for properties

*         Information on how to find buyers

*         Scripts for talking to all parties involved

*         All the contracts needed for short sale success

*         Easy to understand information

...you'll have a deal done in no time just like many before you have.

As I said before, let me repeat -

*         You don't need a real estate license (in fact you don't need any experience in real estate investing at all)

*         You don't need a college degree or any special education in short sales (other than my course)

*         You don't need great credit or your own money.  Period.

Want to see proof of how 'win-win' this is?

That's not all... '
Foreclosures Are Not the Only Way to Earn Quick, Solid Profits in Real Estate...

With My Course, You'll Receive A HUGE Package Of Help For You To Get Started Immediately And See For Yourself .



check mark Simple methods for finding houses that need a short sale. This stuff is so simple that you can hire anyone to help you do it. Literally. (It helps that I have a direct mail piece that always pulls well no matter where you are from)
check mark Examples of letter and scripts that you can use immediately!
check mark An easy to understand workbook that tells you what deals you should pursue and which ones to avoid and the fun part -- how much profit a deal might have.
check mark Easy-to-use ways you can buy and sell short sale properties for big profits using just $10 of your own money .
check mark Proven methods for finding investors who are ready to buy your houses as soon as you get them!
check mark Sure-fire ways to tell the best real estate investing deals from those that spell trouble, so you can concentrate on deals without any hidden hassles.
check mark Techniques that give you the upper hand in negotiating with banks! Once you know how to deal with banks, you can get houses at massive discounts on a regular basis.
check mark The exact steps to take to make sure you make the maximum amount of profit with each deal.
That's Not All: Along with your courses, you receive a free BONUS! (It's a surprise)

This Is One of a Kind Information

Don't believe for a second that this is the same kind of thing you see at 3 AM on television from some no money down guru.

This is the real thing.  I'm a down to earth type of guy who has been doing this for years.  Only recently have I decided to let everyone know about it.  I didn't realize how rewarding it would be for me to see others use my techniques and become successful (maybe I would have done it sooner had I known!)

One more thing, how many of you are searching for your dream home?

That's one of the upsides to this business, it may be that you find your dream home in the process with all these properties to choose from.  I guess you can say that's just one of the perks, along with quitting your nine to five job, firing your boss, having more free time than you could have ever imagined, shall I proceed? 

Seriously, regular people just like you with no experience in Real Estate are succeeding with my proven methods.

Here's What I'm Going To Send You:

*         Home Study Course: Short That Sale When the Market's Stale

*         Quick Start CD

*         4 CD Set

*         Short That Sale Workbook

*         Bonus: All the Agreements Needed for Short Sale Success

My friend, at the beginning of this letter I asked if you'd use my Programs to profit if you knew they would work for you. Now you've:

*         seen examples of my own successes and examples.

*         read the many testimonials from my students who started off in the same boat as you and are now succeeding with my Courses

*         learned I'm giving you proven sample letters, contracts, classified ads, resources, and methods to create the same success in your own life

*         been given my personal promise that you really can succeed with my methods without experience or much spare cash

...But you can't really know if it'll work for you without trying it yourself, right?

So here's what we'll do:

Let's do this.  Combined, my home study course package normally has a price tag of $997.  I want you to prove to yourself they'll make you money, but I also only want to extend this offer to people who are serious about this opportunity.

I need to weed out those who will never actually do anything (except waste my time!), so here's my special offer to you:

By responding before midnight tonight, I will reduce the cost by over 60%:
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Hey, I know what your thinking.  That sounds very inexpensive for all this value, right?  Bottom line is this, if I can introduce you to myself at such a low price point that you can't resist, it may open the door to a greater relationship down the road.  Maybe one day I even meet you face to face at one of my seminars! 

As I said, I need to charge something so only those who are motivated will respond.  


Why is the 'Short that Sale When the Market's Stale' Home Study Course Such a Good Investment?  Not only of Your Money but also of Your Time?

Foreclosure seminars advertised on television and elsewhere can cost you $3,000 or more for a single day . That's an outrageous amount of money to pay for information that can be explained clearly and completely in a series of immediately downloadable manuals!!

I've got one more special bonus for you:

Order by midnight tonight , and you will receive my new eBook Free, '101 Ways to Outsource Your Life and Business.' It's all about how you can finally leverage your most important asset - TIME.  That's what we all want anyway, right?  Time to enjoy our families, time to enjoy our money. I've given you 101 ways to do that.  (In unison -- Thanks Dave) Your welcome!


Click the Buy Now Button 
and PROVE TO YOURSELF How Much YOU Can Make with
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I look forward to having you become a future testimonial yourself!



David 'The Diamond' Oswald

P.S. -You also get ' 101 Ways to Outsource Your Life and Business' thrown in for free, but I need to hear from you NOW.

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